I still cry sometimes for the things I’ve lost. 
When I get caught up in all the bad and I can’t concentrate. 
Inside me a boiling sensation builds and I can’t stand the loss of control. 
Feeling useless and broken and 


Why can’t I be like you? 
Where you open, I close. 
Where you light up, I burn out. 
Where you awaken, I become comatose.
Where you thrive, I am baron. 

I crave an escape from the 
nagging voice. 
All of the words I’ve heard from those who 
meant something to me echo around my mind. 
I struggle to decide which side is which. 

Why can’t I be like you?
Where you smile, I frown. 
Where you win, I lose. 
Where you bloom, I wither. 
Where you are nourished, I starve. 

Not always are we worlds apart. 
You heal me in places I 
I was wounded. 
You blow the fog from a cloudy mind. 
You shine a light into my darkness. 
You even carry my shield for me. 
When once I stood 

Why can’t they be like us?
Where we struggle, we triumph. 
Where we cry, we laugh. 
Where we hurt, we heal. 
Where we ebb, we flow. 
Where we touch, we ignite. 
Where we flame, we burn. 
Where we burn, they can’t look. 
Where they can’t look, we blossom. 
Where we blossom, we love. 
Where we love, 
we survive.